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Hello! Welcome to our new Comenius-project.
My name is Maria Turner,
I'm teaching at Dr.-Jaufmann-Mittelschule Bobingen and the coordinator of the "Democracy-project".
Hobbies - besides teaching and cominiusing are travelling around the world,
meeting people and enjoying summer nights with bbqs and a nice glass of wine.
My team and I are very much looking forward working together on this interesting subject.
So, let's work together.
This is Anja, my loyal Comenius-companion. She teaches English and looks forward meeting you all!

Hi, I'm Anke Jaguttis from Augsburg. This is my second Comenius-project.
I work with Maria in Bobingen and teach German in 9th and 10th form. I'm looking forward to see you soon in Velletri. Forza Italia!


I`m Elke Stahl. I´m the coordinator from Augsburg, Germany. And the man beside me is Winni Haas. Our hobbies are dancing, cooking and travelling. We are teaching at St.-Georg-Mittelschule. Winni has got a regular class, 9th form and I have got a "practice class", 9th form. It`s our fourth Comenius Project together with Maria.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Augsburg in October!
So long!
I am Elsa Pehkonen, coordinator of Finnish team. I work as an international coordinator here in North Karelia College Outokumpu. My hobbies are dancing, kettelbell practising and golf. I love to meet new people and see the world! This is our second Comenius-project with Maria and Elke and looking forward our meetings and especially looking forward to see you all here in Finland!!

laura.JPGHi everybody!
I'm Laura Piersanti and I teach Social Sciences at "Liceo Mancinelli-Falconi" of Velletri (Rome). Besides teaching I love swimming, choir singing and travelling. This is my first Comenius experience and I'm a bit worried but, at the same time, I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.


Hello everyone!
I´m Sirpa Utriainen from Outokumpu, a member of the Finnish team. My job here in North Karelia College Outokumpu is to take care of our Student services. We have a wonderful team: 10 active and professional members
to help students with their everyday life and studies. My hobbies are jogging, studying and relaxing. And I would love to travel all the time aroud the world - if I just would have enough money!
This is my second Comenius-project and my second time in Augsburg. I looking forward to see you all, and especially the new members from Italy!
ps. I do like my photo, it is from Warsaw last month - "Lady towerhead"!
Dear Collegues, Students and Families,
I am Marco Palone I teach Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian, History and Geography at the LIceo Mancinelli e Falconi of Velletri, near Rome. I am very glad to take part to this European project, to share ideas, knowledges, and simpathy among different schools and countries. I hope we can learn from each other's ways of doing, mentalities and cultures. Beside the work at school I teach Japanese. I like traveling around the world, I read and write novels. tales and poetry. I am also, modestly, good at cooking speciaities from Italian traditional cuisine but I learn recipes wherever I go traveling abroad.

Tarja Ruuska.jpg
I’m Tarja Ruuska from Outokumpu, and this is my first Comenius-project. I work here in North Karelia Collage Outokumpu, I’m special education teacher, and I help our students in their proplems, for example mathematic, mother language, Swedish, English, mental health problems and so on. I`m friendly, calm, easy-going, open-minded and I`ve got a good sense of humor. I love swiming and spending time in our summer cottage :))

Hello !
I was told to introduce myself in here, am I on a right place ? Anyway, my name is Milla Koponen,
I come from Outokumpu, Finland, and this is my very first Comenius-project. I am 3rd year student and I study radio- and TV-work in North-Karelia College Outokumpu.
I am cheerful, open-minded, and interested of different kind of cultures. I'm so excited to meet our Comenius-members !

external image 409176_2801211002333_1461143825_n.jpg

It's my turn to introduce myself. My name is Niina Lappalainen, I'm also from Outokumpu, Finland. This is my first Comenius-project.
I'm 3rd year student, and I study radio- and TV-work in North-Karelia College Outokumpu. I'm social, and I have a good sense of humor.
I'm lookin forward to meet our Comenius-members!

Hello, my name Ariane Wimmer, I’m 16 years old and I attend the tenth grade, of Dr.-Jaufmann-Middle School in Bobingen, Germany. I am glad that I am allowed to visit Finland. I'm sure, that this is going to be a very nice experience because I've never been to Finland. It's a different culture with a different school system and other customs. It will be fun for me, to have a view into the lives of Fins in where I will definitely learn something.
I'm already really excited to see what is waiting for me.IMG_1327.jpg
My name is Nina Nonnaree Euaphaiboonwattana. My friends call me Nina. I am turning 15 in March. I was born in Thailand, but almost 5 years ago we moved to Germany. I can speak Thai, English and German. I live in Bobingen with my mother, my stepfather and my British short hair cat, Kasper. One of my many hobbies is reading, my favourite book right now is "The Hunger Games". I love dancing - including the classical Thai dancing, listening to music and playing Cello. In summer I love to go swimming. My favourite food is Thai and Italian. My family and I love to travel and to see old, fascinating cities and learn their histories.

My name is Angelina, I'm 15 years old and it's my first Comenius-project, too.
I live in a small village near Augsburg, Germany.I attend the 9th form of the middleschool in Bobingen.In my freetime I enjoy meeting my friends and go riding.I'm looking forward to this trip to Finland and I think it will be a great time with a great experience.

IMG_5255 1.JPGHello my name is Kevin Leimann, this is the first time of Comenius-project.
I come from Germany, Augsburg. I'm 13 years old.
In my free time I go out with friends playing football or go skateboarding.