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Democratic structures in schools in Europe - exploring and enforcing democratic structures in schools

The project addresses teachers at secondary schools, educationalists, students*, social workers and parents as well as other schools or colleges involved in the educational process
The main goal of the project is to share and disseminate a discussion about quality in education through democratic structures
The project proposes to compile an inventory of the situation of democratic structures
in schools, parental homes, school administration….
In view of an increased focus on main democratic structures in Europe, the project proposes to set up an international comparison of the situation in all participating countries
Teachers, educators, students, social workers should be empowered to sensitise on democratic methods

• Exchange of information and experiences regarding democratic strategies of
• parental home
• school community
• school administration
• school council
• Finding out about main democratic values
• Comparison of procedures and experiences in the preparation of students for democratic awareness
• Development of efficient and appropriate procedures
• Improvement in skills like electing, being elected, being participant, of a democratic society
• Organizing social facilities related to democracy
• Making questionnaires and comparisons between cultures and schools
• About good citizens
• About threats to democracy
• What comes into your mind when democracy is mentioned?
Results will be published on homepages, like WIKI - teaching materials, survey results and comparisons will be distributed in a booklet. Best practice examples of projects will be announced in various ways (CD, homepage, Wiki).